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In these type of questions, we are given certain conditions and we have to answer certain questions that follow those conditions.

Sample Problems

Question 1 : Six events A, B, C, D, E and F happen on six days of the week starting from Monday and ending on Saturday.
Event C happens on Tuesday.
Event A, F and B happen one after the other in the same order.
Event D did not happen on Monday or Wednesday.
1) How many events happened after A ?
2) Which event happened immediately after E ?
3) If D happened on Monday, which event happened on Saturday, given that all other conditions prevail ?
4) Which event happened on Thursday (considering original statements) ?
Solution :
The day – event plan would be :
Monday – E
Tuesday – C
Wednesday – A
Thursday – F
Friday – B
Saturday – D

1) Three – F, B, D
2) C
3) The new day – event plan would be :
Monday – D
Tuesday – C
Wednesday – A
Thursday – F
Friday – B
Saturday – E
The new day – event plan would be :
Monday – D
Tuesday – C
Wednesday – E
Thursday – A
Friday – F
Saturday – B
Therefore, if D happened on Monday, then either E or B would have happened on Saturday.
4) F

Question 2 : Seven friends T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z are sitting in a straight line on a sofa facing the TV.
W sits fifth to the right of T
W does not sit at any of the extreme ends
Two people sit between Z and X
Y sits third to the left of U
Y sits exactly in the middle
Z is not an immediate neighbor of Y
1) What is Z’s position with respect to W ?
2) Who is sitting second to the right of T ?
3) If all the friends were made to sit in the alphabetical order from right to left, position of how many friends would remain unchanged ?
4) Which two friends sit at the extreme ends of the line ?
Solution : The sitting order from left to right is : T – Z – V – Y – X – W – U
1) Fourth to the left
2) V
3) None
4) T and U

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