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In syllogisms, we are given a set of conditions and we have to check whether the conclusions given after the conditions are true or not. For these type of questions, the best way is to consider all cases and draw venn diagrams. Even if we can find one venn diagram such that a conclusion gets false, that conclusion is the wrong choice.

Sample Problems

Question 1 : All rockets are poles
Some poles are trams
Some trams are ropes
All ropes are tents
Conclusion 1 : Some tents are trams
Conclusion 2 : Some ropes are rockets
Conclusion 3 : Some trams are rockets
Conclusion 4 : Some poles are rockets
Solution :

syl 1

Only Conclusion 1 and Conclusion 4 are true.

Question 2 : All dials are mirrors
All mirrors are spoons
Some spoons are decks
Some decks are chairs
Conclusion 1 : Some decks are mirrors
Conclusion 2 : Some spoons are dials
Conclusion 3 : Some decks are dials
Conclusion 4 : Some chairs are spoons
Solution :
syl 2

Only Conclusion 2 is true.

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