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You can mark sections as done and to do if you are logged in. You can also keep track of completed and enrolled courses.
We have been trying to organize content of geeksforgeeks. We added many pages like C, C++, Java, Python, Algorithms, Interview Corner, GATE Corner and Data Structures. But geeksforgeeks and run on Wordpress and Wordpress is mainly a blogging platform. The idea of this new courses platform is to allow users to see/navigate content in an organized way, enroll to different courses and track their progress. Many more features coming, stay tuned.
We will be filling all gaps in content. For example, C page of geeksforgeeks doesn't contain some basic articles like functions, pointers and control statements. All these sections have been added in C course here. We are also planning to cover topics which are not covered currently on geeksforgeeks.
We have not planned any certification yet. The main idea is to make people learn and share their knowledge.
We have no plans to add paid courses. The idea is to have courses for geeks by geeks.
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You can mail us at
Yes, you can. If you wish, you can check mention the link of your GProfile which is publicly visible.

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